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Uninterruptable and Secure Power Supply Systems

Uninterruptable and Secure Power Supply Systems

Modern equipment, such as computers, active network devices, telecommunication equipment, banking and medical equipment, industrial automation systems, is rather sensitive to the power quality. Direct connection to power network involves elevated risk of malfunctioning and sometimes failures of the equipment. To provide continuous and reliable service, following solutions are available:


Further problems arise from low quality an unreliable power that customers can get via public distribution power networks in Russian Federation.

With the progress of information technologies, a necessity has emerged to establish common principles for power supply systems that operate in data processing centers ( Data Center ).

In modern society development, information technologies are one of the most important parts. Integrated centralized systems also known as data processing centers ( Data Center ) establish currently high performance fault tolerant information infrastructure. For  Data Center , besides of core data storage and processing systems, an important role play engineering systems, including power supply systems providing reliable operation of  Data Center .

For regulation of engineering part of  Data Center  , a number of large corporations, banks at first, have developed its own design standards, partially covering the power supply system. They are: VNP 001-01/ Bank of Russia “Central bank of Russian Federation Office Buildings”; 0032520. OJSC VTB Bank “Providing Uninterruptible Power Supply for Telecommunication Equipment and Computer Aids of OJSC VTB Bank, Standard Requirements”, OJSC Sberbank of Russia “Methodology of Power Supply System Design for Serbank Facilities, No°979-r» etc.

In April 2005, Telecommunication Industry Association released TIA-942 (Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards for Data Centers), the first standard that defines telecommunication infrastructure of data centers, which introduce and summarize requirements for  Data Center . TIA-942 is intended for use by  Data Center  design engineers at early stage of building construction and equipment installation. It determines the following requirements:

  • Data center location and structure
  • Architectural design
  • Cable networks
  • Reliability
  • Working environment

In accordance to TIA-942, all  Data Center  have been divided into 4 levels by the degree of infrastructure redundancy (reliability):

Level 1 – base level. No redundancy provided. It is necessary to discontinue operation of the system in case of regular maintenance or repair.

Level 2 – with redundancy. The system has “N+1” redundancy, but the system must be shut down for maintenance service.

Level 3 – with possibility of parallel repair. This level allows regular maintenance without discontinuing operation of the system. However, failures of some parts of the system may cause break of normal operation.

Level 4 – fault tolerant. Any regular maintenance can be conducted without interruption of service. System sustains at least a single failure without consequences for critical functions. In this case two separate systems of power supplies with “N+1” redundancy shall be provided.



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